Antonio Belvedere says his eco-hotel and villa vision is not all talk.

Skyscrapers don’t belong in Malta and the Blue Lagoon is being overcome by day-trippers. Antonio Belvedere, architect of a new eco-friendly hotel for Comino, shares his vision and no-holds barred views with Fiona Galea Debono

Antonio Belvedere uses terms like “horizontality”, “context” and “true moral obligations” when he talks about his firm’s design of a €120 million project for a new hotel on the island of Comino to replace the old one.

And given Malta’s track record, he is not surprised those words may ring hollow and be met with scepticism in a country that has been “challenged by development”.

But it is not just talk, the Italian architect assures. He is ready to share the detailed construction documentation for Comino Hotel & Villas to demonstrate that the project – an example of passive architecture – will translate sustainability on paper into reality.

He pledges minimal impact on the island and marine life – even on the night sky – with birds and geology considered.

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Times of Malta, 02/11/2020

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