In 2007, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), launched an international competition for an innovative design concept that was to reshape the face of the Italian railway network. The ambitious project involves more than 2000 railway stations scattered along the national rail network. Defining a kit of parts that would compose the railway stations was of great complexity, and considered; design, identity, comfort, innovation, sustainability, flexibility, materials, construction methodology, safety and building lifespan. A response addressing each and every one of these subjects was necessary in order to define a successful project.

The train has a rich history in terms of design, shape, line, and tension. This heritage that is now part of the collective imagination, built up over time through decades of evolution that combined design and evolving technologies. Our idea was to draw on this rich heritage, to build a family of lines and forms and in turn, generate the project’s identity. The result is a coherent and fluid design. The key component is the canopy conceived as an assembly of prefabricated fiber-reinforced concrete modules measuring 4 x 2m, hung from a central steel “spine”. Modularity is extended to all elements, from the single shelter to the entire railway station building, allowing the system to fit all different potential contexts.  

Program Nation-wide railway station design for small railway stations.
Status Competition 2007: Laureat. Prototype. Project on hold.
Client Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI)
Design Antonio Belvedere, Paolo Colonna

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