The pedestrian bridge provides a unique opportunity to materialize the presence of a significant green spine running through the vast suburban landscape, the Iron Horse trail. Running over Bollinger Canyon road, the most important axis leading into St Ramon from Doyle highway, the trail will take the form of a suspended horizontal line, establishing its presence in the skyline and in turn, defining part of a framed gateway to San Ramon. As a gateway, the pedestrian bridge imbues and reflects the values of St Ramon, those of sustainability and integration into the natural landscape. For those crossing over, it humanizes the scale of suburbia and the experience of crossing over a 6-lane road.

A series of overlapping horizontal terraced gardens transition the natural landscape into an overcrossing, whilst a suspension cable system allows a for a lighter, thinner silhouette.

Program Pedestrian and cycling overpass, Bollinger Canyon Road
Status Schematic design / Competition.
Client Contra Costa Transportation Authority
Budget global USD 22 M
Design Belvedere Architecture
Ingéniérie ARUP San Francisco

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