The Vision for Comino Masterplan builds on the Natural 2000 Management plan, identifying ideas for the restoration, cleaning, and promotion of the island, all whilst privileging a sensitive, sustainable, and ecological approach. The vision identifies a didactic pedestrian circuit and suggests the restoration and redevelopment of several sites on the island including abandoned buildings of historical and/or architectural value. A centralized wastewater management plan as well as a combined botanical and solar farm are also proposed.

The vision is twofold: it seeks to restore and highlight the island’s natural and built heritage all whilst limiting and managing the impact of human presence and activity on Comino, and to make the island an ecologically responsible and autonomous in terms of energy and water management; net carbon zero.

Program Masterplan / Vision
Status Proposal
Client Hili Hospitality
Design Belvedere Architecture
Sustainability Ove Arup International Ltd

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